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FitN30 is a world-class fitness facility located in Lake Mary, FL.

Custom, results-driven fitness training for life.

Our Mission

To help you:
Get leaner and stronger
Feel more positive and energetic
Reduce injury, illness and disease
For a lifetime of good health.
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Why Fitn30?

We provide:
Custom, results-driven training
Knowledgeable, experienced coaches
State-of-the-art facility
To help you achieve your goals.
Why FitN30

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Multiple options including:
Friendly, accessible beginner program
Small group classes with expert coaching
Individualized, custom training
To fit your busy schedule.
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Conveniently Located

Welcome to our new, upgraded facility in Lake Mary, Florida, just off Rinehart Road and Lake Mary Boulevard. Get in, focus on your workout, and get out and on with your day. 
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Custom Programming

Everybody is different and every body is different. We start where you are—no need to “get in shape” before you join. Personalized coaching and custom programming helps you achieve your fitness goals fast.
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State-of-the-Art Accountability

No more “white board!” Track your progress daily on your smart phone with Zen Planner, our fully integrated accountability system.
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Results Speak for Themselves

I LOVE FitN30! I joined after struggling at the “regular” gym to lose the weight I’d gained during pregnancy. I was working out 4 times a week taking classes and using the machines…… Read More
Great place to workout! I’ve tried gyms, boot camps, personal trainers, endurance events and this beats them all. Great mix of people and workouts keeps me coming back!! Also, ….. Read More
I can honestly say that I’m in better shape at 42 than I was at 32 and maybe even 22 years old. FitN30 is a great place to work out – you get more done in 30-45 minutes ……. Read More
Efficient, effective workouts and fantastic results—exactly what a busy individual needs in their life! I’ve been working out all my life—running, yoga, step class, lifting weights,……. Read More

About FitN30

Results driven fitness training fast.

IAt FitN30 Strength & Fitness Lab, we measure our performance only by your results. If your goal is to feel strong, energetic and more confident about the way you look, this is the gym for you. Work out with us just 30 days and you’ll discover how:

  • Just 30 minutes a day of our programmed, coached workouts will dramatically increase your strength, stamina and conditioning.
  • Our custom, personalized training program is different from any other training program you have experienced.
  • What you’ve been eating this whole time has been undermining your progress, keeping you unhealthy and preventing you from achieving the lean, cut look you desire—and what to do instead to build muscle, burn unwanted fat, and finally see your six-pack.
“No Excuse” Schedule
FitN30 Strength & Fitness Lab offers group training classes six days a week, in the morning, afternoon and evening, Monday thru Friday, and on Saturday mornings. For a complete schedule, click here. These coached classes include participants of all fitness levels from beginners to experienced athletes, and vary in size from day to day, class time to class time.

Varied, Functional Training

Activities include a wide variety of functional fitness training such as bodyweight exercises (like push-ups, burpees, airsquats and sit-ups), weight lifting (like push-presses, clean and jerks and deadlifts),  gymnastics (like pull-ups, wall-climbs and handstand push-ups), and metabolic conditioning activities (like sprinting, box jumps and wall-balls).

Suitable for Beginners or Experienced Athletes

Each class is coached by experienced coaches, and workouts are scaled or modified to the fitness level of each participant. Members may attend as many classes as they desire if they sign up for an unlimited, month-to-month membership. Membership is open to adults 18 and up. Children 12 and older may join and attend with a parent. Children may not be permitted to weight train with barbells. Click here to Get Started today. With more than 50 classes each week (each averaging about 30 minutes so you can get in, get your workout done and get on with your day), “I just don’t have time to workout” really doesn’t fly around here!

A Little Something “Extra”

For the athlete who is ready to devote extra time to building strength, developing muscle, pushing mental limits, and achieving a desired physique, FitN30 Strength & Fitness Lab offers the one-on-one personal training program.

Tailored, Individualized Instruction

This program is tailored not only to your specific fitness goals—maybe you want to lean out, or maybe your goal is to bulk up, or maybe it’s just to improve your overall strength and coordination—it’s also tailored to your schedule.

Accountability on Steroids

You’ll work one-on-one with your coach for a designated period of time, and attend group classes as your schedule permits, plus you’ll receive individual nutritional counseling so you can finally overcome the last of your workout and nutrition obstacles, and gain control of your health and fitness once and for all. This program is for you if you are serious about your fitness goals, and ready to invest the time and money to make it happen! Click here for more information on how to Get Started today

When You Mean Business

If you are interested in competing in local, regional or national fitness competitions–whether your dream is to train for your first mud run, the CrossFit Games, a road race or a triathalon, or you want to be a figure competitor or enter a strongman competition—we can train you to win.

Experience You Can Count On to Help You Win

Coach John Frederick has more than 30 years experience in fitness training, and trained, himself, under some of the most elite athletes in the strength training industry. In this program, you’ll work one-on-one with Coach Frederick to prepare for your competition, plus you’ll receive nutritional counseling tailored specifically for optimal sports performance. Contact Coach Frederick directly to get more information and start living out your dreams today.

You Can’t Outrun Your Fork

Through the six years we’ve been offering group and one-on-one fitness training, we’ve seen first-hand the role of nutrition, not only in weight loss, but in building muscles, gaining and keeping strength, and in general health and fitness. In fact, we’ve had our own personal experiences with nutrition, having watched loved ones suffer through terminal and other life-threatening illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and seeing the impact proper nutrition can have on prolonging life and improving the quality of life.

Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Look Lean

If your goal is to lose weight and/or build muscle, working out alone is not enough. You absolutely must address your nutrition. If you go through life putting garbage in, you can expect you will get only garbage out. By “garbage,” we mean a steady diet of processed, preserved, chemical-laden, “junk” foods. It doesn’t have to be “fast” food to be “junk” food, either. If most of your food comes from a package and you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, you are eating “junk” and destroying your health. It’s time to reconsider what you are putting in your body.

Customized Plans & Accountability to Keep You on Track

FitN30 Strength & Fitness Lab offers nutritional counseling, including custom nutritional plans based on your specific goals, whether that is weight loss, building muscle, dropping two pants sizes by a certain date, preparing for competition, or just improving the general health of your family. We also teach basic nutrition classes once a month. Admission is free for our members, and $20 for non-member guests. If you are interested making an appointment to discuss creating a custom nutritional plan for you, click here to e-mail us directly and set up a time.

Real World Defense Training

In addition to being a certified fitness trainer, Coach John Frederick also is a certified self-defense trainer. Through our sister company, 360 Personal Protection, FitN30 Strength & Fitness Lab offers complete personal defense training, including personal self defense, hand-to-hand combat and tactical training, and weapons training.

Personal Defense Readiness

The 360 Personal Protection Instructors teach a method called “Personal Defense Readiness,” based on The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ by Tony Blauer. The S.P.E.A.R. SYSTEM™ is the only self-defense method that fully integrates the body’s reflexive responses and instinctive survival mechanisms making it the easiest, most natural way to protect one’s self in a street attack. Mr. Blauer has pioneered research on how to manage and overcome fear, and his program includes unique and patented learning models based on this research. Beyond that, though, he, and his certified instructors only teach defense skills that are realistic and street applicable. No time is wasted practicing drills and simulations only useful to movie stuntmen or in martial arts competitions and exhibitions. To learn more about 360 Personal Protection or to register for upcoming classes, click here to go to the 360 website.

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